Space to Breathe

When I opted to start writing again, I told myself it is about the written words. No photographs, rarely about my family (though I can’t help myself- I LOVE my family), and certainly nothing fancy. In this season of writing (however that lasts whether a few months or years.) I only wanted the focus toContinue reading “Space to Breathe”

Christmas Joy

Christmas every year looks different. But no matter how it looks, one thing remains the same. Celebration of Jesus. No matter where I am, no matter whether I am home, traveling, or doing things that I want or not…there one important that I refuse to forsake. Celebrating Jesus in my heart. Having a celebration ofContinue reading “Christmas Joy”

Thanksgiving and Gifts

Sometimes one has been given a chance to start over. In a way that surprise myself there’s been a chance to learn what less is more means. Simplifying to the max. Pushing for what matters the most. Learning to have grace through the hard times. To go from grieving to laughing back to grieving againContinue reading “Thanksgiving and Gifts”

A Grateful Heart

At the time of writing I have been displaced from my home for three or is it now four weeks. Those weeks honestly feel like months. There’s been so much goodness. But there’s been some really really hard days. Anyone who does constructions DIY or professionally knows that once you get started there’s often moreContinue reading “A Grateful Heart”