Christmas Joy

Christmas every year looks different. But no matter how it looks, one thing remains the same. Celebration of Jesus. No matter where I am, no matter whether I am home, traveling, or doing things that I want or not…there one important that I refuse to forsake. Celebrating Jesus in my heart. Having a celebration of joy is a choice I make.

Sometimes that celebration is quiet in my heart, sometimes it is exuberant and loud. There’s times is a mixer of both. In a world that proclaims loudly of commercialism, there are ways to turn it into celebration. Much of what I do I confess seems to be commercialism on the outside, but its start of celebration.

But, I invite you to sit with me for a moment. Imagine we’re in front of the fire drinking coffee or mulled wine. A serious hushed moment, the celebration noise is off in a distance. Perhaps this year it is hard for you. There’s sorrow and grief and you simply don’t feel like doing it. May I offer you encouragement? Celebrate anyway. Cry, or get angry even before you celebrate, then dry your tears and do something even if it’s different, something that brings you and others joy. That takes the attention off of grief for a while. Please…I *know* grief well. Long ago I’ve recognize it actually in a strange sort of way it becomes a friend. It tells me I still have a beating heart that loves deeply. I know it not an easy choice. It creates in a way something new and one that you may or may not want to push past. Push where you can. If its something small, than my friend you’ve done it. You are NOT going to want to do it if you are like me, it will be a battle. Perhaps you’re like my mom who uses celebration full to the max desperate to have some kind of normal…however you grieve…its okay to do so. But take time to be with people you love. Take time to bless someone. Take the time to do things to feel again. Take time to heal with a bit of celebration.

With all that said my friend, in time there is a sense of freedom that comes with celebrating past grief. Pushing past it allows for healing to begin. It allows others who love you to breathe and feel free to be merry.

For those who are in full fledge of celebration- may no one ever steal your joy. Yes, there are grieving people. But you shouldn’t be force have the blues. Yes, we want to be mindful, but what if in respectfulness in celebrating you actually are able to help pull them out of grief? Have FULL freedom to go all out. Decorate, cook, paint, hang those lights and let *no* mankind stop you. It’s very good to celebrate in all the laughter and joy. Have your joy and spread it around. Be like a kid on Christmas full of wonder and excitement. Giddiness as an adult is a gift…I pray that you will have all the feels of expectant hope.

No matter where you are in the journey of life, it is good to celebrate. Jesus is worthy of our celebration. He is worthy of our laughing and dancing. For my friends, He loves to join us in merry glad tidings. When we celebrate…we invite Him into our joy. Making what you can in the moments you have no matter how big or how small, celebrating in our heart whether quiet or loud can be worship. Simple or extravagant they’re both needed in many ways- so celebrate how you can this year. Let no one take your joy.

God rest ye Merry Gentlemen, Let nothing you dismay….

Published by Christina

A girl who love to travel but loves coming home to her people and her roots. Rock climbing is exhilarating, but reading is a favorite past time. The simple things make me happy but I won't complain on occasions having lavishing moments such as symphony, having a proper tea time, and dressing up.

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