Are you dating?

A popular question that I’ve discovered particularly married people (so it seems) like to ask. A few years ago, I kid you not I all of the sudden got hounded by dating sites. I’m not exactly sure where they came from as there’s been no conversation and absolutely no searching for anything around the word dating. Especially since at that time I had recently come home from over seas, dealing with acute heartbreak it came close to tearing my family apart, and mourning the loss of someone I love, on top of seeing the warning signs of loosing more friendships in the years to come on the horizon though I tried to ignore the signs within a span of 3 months.

I was asked this a few days after my birthday in 2020. My answer surprised me instead of my usual short and sweet answer of “No” I did my other favorite. “Not yet”. Why is this surprising? You asked.

Because except a handful of times which usually has many months in between I haven’t even wanted to date. To hear the words “Not Yet” indicated I was open to it at the point in time. I’ve finally settled for well if God brings him then He will enable us together to charter my/his crazy life. However, it will have to be Him clearly marking it up because I don’t want to “squeeze” in a relationship…it would be far better to savor it, have fun, and enjoy the journey.

You see I for the most part (aside from the rare occasions) am quite happy to be single. There is so much to do as a single person. So much life to live. I’ve always heard about marriage life, but rarely do I hear of single life living fully, happily, and with satisfaction.

Will I get married? I have no clue. Part of me wonders if I’d be happier single, I’m such an independent person with dreams and goals. Yet…the other part of me wants to give a go if the opportunity arises. Sometimes being open is the best adventure.

But unless God tells me otherwise I have no plans of “seeking” a husband via virtual or otherwise. If God okays it…he can simply come into my life…or not. I am happy either way.

For those whom may wonder…I was soon in a situation where I had to stand on the words I wrote. Being open to a relationship. I have discovered I do love being single…and being open to something new is akin to me flying without a harness in this area. In case your mind is jumping too far ahead…reel it back in. There’s a difference in realizing being open vs…hurdling head first in. I am still very very much single and still very very much loving being one. It will take a man so in love with Christ and daily walking in relationship + calling with Him, for me to even think about giving up my single card. That’s the line right there and there is *no* exception. I would expect no less from him for me.

Published by Christina

A girl who love to travel but loves coming home to her people and her roots. Rock climbing is exhilarating, but reading is a favorite past time. The simple things make me happy but I won't complain on occasions having lavishing moments such as symphony, having a proper tea time, and dressing up.

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